About the D-COM Network

The D-COM Network is led by Cardiff University and was formed to drive forward the adoption of the digitization of regulations, requirements and compliance checking systems in the built environment. The D-COM Network aims to bring together academic and industrial participants to work in this area.

So far the D-COM Network has worked on three key projects:

Key Outputs of our projects can be found on the Downloads page.

The Digital Compliance Ecosystem:

The Digital Compliance (D-COM) Network and the Construction Innovation Hub, have working in partnership to develop a new ‘digital ecosystem’ to support construction firms in navigating the complex regulatory landscape with greater ease and certainty.

The digital ecosystem builds on groundwork laid by the D-COM Network in 2018 and directly supports the ambitions of the CLC ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ by developing a digital ecosystem that assists in the delivery of high-quality, better-performing buildings.

The digital ecosystem also addresses the need identified by the MHCLG Expert Group on Structure of Guidance to the Building Regulations for a more “holistic and systems-based approach and allow for greater cross-referencing between technical requirements and the wider legislative requirements.”